Saturday 1 October 2022



Stephen had planned to go on a sea voyage. He was very excited but his excitement didn’t last long. The gigantic waves were hitting his ship causing a to and fro motion. His heart was beating rapidly. “Be calm! Everything will be alright.”  He said to his soul. Suddenly a bucket full of dark rainy clouds had appeared in the sky. Stephen got more frightened. He was facing a hard time and immediately he started feeling an external force on his ship in spite of the big waves. After reaching at the edge of the ship, he saw a crew of four brutal sharks had attacked his ship. His eyes popped out. He ran and opened the emergency kit. Ones…twice….thrice, he shoot the flair gun three times into the sky but nothing happened. Suddenly his ship started sinking. The sharks had ruptured the bottom part of the ship and the water was filling up. Stephen had no option left in his hands. But suddenly, the sharks had started to get hurt by bullets. The army forces were on there round. They saw the emergency call from Stephen and ran as fast as possible. Stephen’s ship was almost submerged into the water. But the army rescued his on time. The commando enquired him “Why are you roaming here? Do you know anything about this place?”. “I got here accidently, sir” said Stephen and then apologized. After that commando told him that he was stuck in the colony of the shark and by God's grace he was rescued. He thanked the army men and reached safely to the shore.

Image Credit: Google