Sunday 2 October 2022



On a dark, clouds and fearful night, I was suddenly awakened by a strong lightening. I was not completely shaken but when I saw thousands of people were running between the streets of the whole city, I got freeze. I looked them closely and what I saw was unimaginable. My body started to numb, face turned white and all the body parts were cold like an ice. The people running had turned into the living dead, being more specific, they had turned into zombies. They were covered in blood and it felt like they had no humanity left in them. The hoard was looking for the remaining people like a mad dogs. I stepped back and calmed myself and said “You can handle this situation”. I became confident and first thing did was to see with my binoculars that it there is any other uninfected person left around me. While I was looking, suddenly there was a hard knock on my door. For a moment I thought that those brutals had spotted me out but known sound came, “Hi! Jimmy, its me Robin I am safe, please let me in.”. I felt a sense of relief and opened the door. The moment I opened the door, Robin hugged me with his trembling body. I calmed him down and after sometime we started to plan a way to escape this zombie apocalypse. We had our plane ready with a emergency kit for a worse case scenario. The only thing left was the execution of the plan. We started our car in the garage and let it to its maximum speed taking all the infected people down. On our way, our car suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere. We looked behind and the zombies had caught us. They first broke the glasses of the car and then started to grab us. It felt like it’s the end of us. But the God had his hands on us. Suddenly the zombies stopped. There skin started to burn. There was living sunshine. The bright sunshine was an antidote for the living deads and our life was spared.  

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  1. Wow, what an intense short tory! I'm glad they made it out alive. Do you know what caused the zombies to become infected in the first place?

    1. No, actually but the scientists predicted this will sure going to happen in future.
      Thank you that you loved it.

  2. WOW what an edge of my seat reading! Glad you had a happy ending! I'll be looking forward to more of your short stories