Monday 3 October 2022



On a regular morning, Alexa woke up. Her morning had become a disastrous morning. She found herself lying on the footpath of an unknown place. Locals were watching her. Alexa had a question mark on her face and didn't understand how she reached there. Her brain had got locked and had no clue what to do next. Then she went to a nearby house and asked ," sir, can you please let me know where am I?". His reply made her half dead. Clueless Alexa was in Russia, 3000 km away from her house. She started crying badly. She requested the resident for a help but the resident was cold-hearted person and refused by dismissing her from his house.  She was very upset and started walking on the unknown Street. Suddenly she recalled an incident which took place last night. She was writing her wish of going to Russia in a diary. This made her confused and on the other handwriting. See question herself," what to do next?". On the other hand, at home her mother, Mrs. Parker saw that strange diary. She got astonished and within no time she guessed something about that diary. The diary was a curse diary and was filled with lots of black magic tricks. Out of all, she focused on one, whosoever writes anything on that diary that wish becomes a reality. Then her mother started to write for Alexa to come back with her trembling hands. But nothing happened as that curse on the diary was coincidentally expired last night and Alexa was stuck in Russia. Her mother worried for her daughter and scared too. Then, she decided to go to a well known priest. Told him the problem and he replied," tear the page on which she had written her wish after that the curse will be broken.". Mrs. Parker did as guided and in the blink of an eye there was a doorbell. It was her dear daughter, Alexa.

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  1. This sounds like an outline for a great fantasy novel!

  2. WOW I was on the edge of my seat reading this!! Great writing!

  3. Very interesting story. Thank you for sharing it.