Tuesday 4 October 2022



Louis was a little boy and had a habit of looking himself in the mirror often. One day in the morning , Louis looked himself in the mirror and saw a face hanging onto his shoulders. He rubbed his eyes multiple times but the unseen face was still clearly visible. This strange experience made his body stiff and he was continuously looking at the mirror. The reflection created behind Louis was indeed very horrifying. The blood on the unseen face was making it more creepy. "Oh my God! What is this?". soon, Louis heard a whisper in his right ear," I want your blood." After hearing this Louis fainted and fell down. His mother, Mrs Johnson rushed towards his room after hearing the thud. As soon she entered the room, she noticed that the room was empty and seems that nothing has happened there.   Then she noticed that why Louis is not in this room. This made Mrs Johnson shocked. See enquired his room looking for some clues of her child. She spied out the mirror wasn't reflecting the back wall instead it was showing a gateway towards an unknown place. But she can clearly see the Louis was fainted on the floor but at the other side of the mirror. She wasn’t able to figure out how Louis went there. She tried to enter across the mirror but couldn’t.  After sometime, thinking what to do the mirror instantly turned into normal but when she saw herself in the mirror. She noticed that there is a  face behind her. Immediately she turned behind and was shocked after seeing that face. That face was of Mr. Andrew. He was  of the  close friends of Louis’s father, Mr Johnson. He was killed by Mr Johnson for the sake of his personal revenge. A few years later in incarceration his father died in a mysterious way . The spirit told Mrs Johnson," your son is dead, and now I want your blood." She made an attempt to flee, but the spirit grabbed her by the neck and tossed her down the stairway.  Mrs Johnson died.

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