Wednesday 5 October 2022


 Harry was a 25 years old young boy who loved to travel across the world. For the summer vacations he had his plan ready to visit and explore NewYork city. When he was travelling in a local train for the airport, an old woman entered the train. The women was very old and had nearly completed her 70s. Harry was reading a magazine and suddenly a circular shaped object appeared and blew up with the smoke in a blink of an eye. He asked himself," what is happening?" And rest of the CO passengers started screaming in fear. When the smoke disappeared Harry saw that the women had been transform into an Undercover agent. Her clothes had a mark with signifies her identity as a member of a water family. She was injured and was bleeding from her left leg. It seems like she was engaged in a brutal fight. Everybody in the train started to run in panic but Harry was a smart boy and kept himself calm. In front of Harry from no where, they asked," have you seen any old woman being injured at the left leg in the train?". The men who covered in black dress with a symbol of fire and were looking very dangerous. Harry identified them as the member of the fire family and located the women's position by locating in the forward direction of the train. The five men had logged all the gates of the train. The train suddenly stopped at a station. A gate was open coincidentally, so people started to run out. By the time I reached the gate the train started to move and immediately fight between the old woman and the five members of the fire family had started. The rivalry between the two families was clearly visible. Harry try to go and occupy a safe spot but a sharp knife pierced his body and killed him and after few hours the lady and the members killed each other in the feeling of hatred.

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  1. This sounds like a great start to a middle grade fantasy book! :)

  2. I am happy you have a space to share your short stories. Writing can be very freeing. Great work getting your words out there. Sending lots of love from UBC. Jaime