Thursday 6 October 2022



Alex was a young, smart boy. He had planned to go on a jungle safari with his two other friends Oliver and Steve. They went to Brazil and reached a few kilometers away from the Amazon forest. They set their camp and after spending a night, they headed towards the great Amazon Forest. They had planned to return to the camp by the evening. The friends were carrying essentials like food, water and other necessary products for emergency. After travelling for about 5 km into the forest, they decided to return back. Alex asked to Steve to take out the compass and locate the direction of the camp. Steve replied," you didn't ask me to carry the compass. It was Oliver who was supposed to pack and carry these things." Contradicting it Oliver said," it wasn't told to me for carrying stuff like compass. My job was to carry food and water for survival.". Soon all the three friends started fighting with each other. Suddenly a loud roar of a lion struck into their ears. They stopped their fight and started looking for the direction of the sound. Immediately a lion grabbed Oliver in his paws from behind. Alex and Steve started to run on their toes for saving their lives. While they were running they heard a loud cry of Oliver. The sun had already set and they didn't know which direction they were going and what is up next which they need to face. Suddenly two tigers surrounded Alex and Steve. Alex was smart and quickly climbed to a nearby tree. But Steve was killed in front of Alex by the two tigers. Alex spend the whole night in thirst and hunger on the tree. Somehow he managed to reach to his camp and took out the phone from his bag and called SOS. Alex was so frightened that his body was shivering.  Soon the rescue team reached to save him. This incident was like a nightmare for him because he lost two of his friends in his presence then he came to back to his life with such a bad memory. 

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  1. Definitely a good start to a thrilling adventure story! The Amazon is an huge jungle worthy of exploration. Just a quick note that your story location might have to change since tigers are only found in Asia, and the Amazon's largest feline predator is a jaguar. Sending lots of love. Jaime

  2. WOW you had me visualizing everything as I read the story!