Friday 7 October 2022



Carter and Robert were two brothers who lived alone on the first floor of a building and worked in an IT company. Usually, they reached home by 9 o'clock in the night. Carter tried to open the door but the door was locked from inside. They both were confused and started thinking how is this possible. A few minutes later, Robert push the door hardly and with the strong jerk and it opened. With stifled steps, they entered into the house with a certainty of a person who must have  locked the door.  Carter asked loudly," is somebody there?" There was no reply then with the suspicious laugh he said, "I think the door is to old now, it needs some oiling!"."hahaha! Yes you are right, brother." said Robert. After that, they had their dinner. Surprisingly, an electric bulb in the ceiling started flickering. Now the situation scared Carter and Robert. Few seconds later, a shadow of a person appeared on the front wall. They decided to move out of the house without wasting a single minute but what they found. The door was locked from outside.
 Carter told Robert to get a rope through which they can step down to the ground from the balcony. They safely reached down and thought of contacting the police. When the police reached Carter and Robert told the policemen about the incidence. They went up stairs unlocked the door and started looking in all the directions. One of the policeman went into a room for enquiry but suddenly a loud sound came from the same room. All the police force and the brothers went inside but found no one except a big shadow on the wall. It seemed like the shadow had eaten a man. They all scared. Then Carter quickly warrant to the kitchen and brought a bowl full of white flour and through some of it on the shadow but the shadow suddenly disappeared and again reappeared on another wall. He then again through some of the flour and the same thing happened. After that they concluded that the shadow is afraid from being exposed. When Carter and Robert went into the kitchen for getting some more flour, then the shadow kill the rest of the policemen in a blink of an eye. The shadow spirit then approach Robert and was almost about to kill him but Carter through the flour from behind and the shadow was exposed.


  1. An exciting story just on time for Halloween. Hahaha!

    1. Sometimes things happen at the accurate time.