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After the exposure of the shadow, Carter and Robert saw something which was unexpectable. The shadow was of a person who half of the body was invisible. Thing about the entity was about his face, it didn't have any ears, neither any eyes and nor nose. It was indeed very creepy. Robert fainted in fear and Carter closed his eyes. While Carter’s eyes were close, he threw the whole bowl of flour on the shadow spirit in panic. He opened his eyes after a few seconds and found the shadow spirit had vanished and Robert was lying on the floor with the numb body. Carter quickly through some water on Robert’s face to wake him up. When he woke up, he asked," where is that shadow and the person that appeared in front of us?" Carter replied in fear," I don't know it suddenly disappeared." On the next morning, they quickly went to the police station and told the police inspector about the death of their men. The brothers even share the incidence of the last night. The police inspector was shocked and told them that the police cannot help them in this case so they should leave now. Carter and Robert knew that there is no point of arguing with the Inspector as he was scared too. Then after, this step back towards their house. On their way they met a friendly neighbour, Mrs. Jones." Why was there police at your place last night and soon after there arrival there were loud cries?" The brothers then told her about the mysterious Shadow spirit. When she hurt the story, she slowly said," is it him?" The Brothers were confused, so Mrs. Jones told them, a few years back a boy named Ben lived here and one day, he was suddenly attack by a group of people. They cut his ears, took off his eyes and pears a knife through his nose. He died from an unbearable pain. She even told them about his interest, he loved to eat cookies and always requested her to make some delicious cookies for him. After hearing this story, the brothers made a plan. They made a bunch of cookies and as expected the shadow appeared in the evening. The shadow spirit was about to attack them, but they propose the cookies as a sign of peace. The Shadow stopped. Suddenly a note of blood appeared on the adjacent wall " I was killed brutally and I was very unhappy but now as you have made me joyful, my soul can move to heaven peacefully." Soon after, the shadow disappeared and the brothers felt a sense of happiness.

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  1. i find it great that you can publish a story like this each day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That was another WOW reading! You are so talented in your story writing.