Monday 10 October 2022


In Japan, a boy named Oliver who had an oval shaped face, a broad forehead and a fleshy nose and was an ordinary 16 years old boy living with his family in a middle class house. He had a great affecting towards the museum pieces and hence he loved to collect precious and antique stuff. Oliver’s collection was filled with more than three hundred old items. His classmates called him the ‘collection boy’ of the class.
In his collection the majority of the items were old sculptures but he was also fond of collecting rare shaped stones as well. One day in the afternoon, he was walking among the locals at one of the most common streets of that area and heading towards a known meat shop to get some fish for the dinner. On his way, he was suddenly being chased by a group of dogs having intend of getting all the fish he had. His toes were triggered badly and he was running like he was a deer and is being hunt down by hungry lions. He jumped like a kangaroo on the wall of a friendly neighbour and nearly escape that brutal crew of dogs. He got down and had a feeling of taking his life on his hands. After looking in all the eight directions, his soul said “Uuf! that was a close one.” Then, after a while he was walking back to his home, there was a strange call from behind, “come here boy”. He turned around and an old sage nearly about to complete his 100s called him. The sage was very old and had a bunch of beard and a thick mustache, and called him eagerly.
The old man introduced himself “hello! young boy. My name is James Stone.” Oliver replied “hello sir! What do you want from me?”. The old sage told Oliver that he was a member of the stone family who has been taking care of this ‘wishing stone’ from the past 200 years and he was spying on Oliver as for the search of a person who can take care of this stone by heart. Oliver questioned him “How can I keep it safe and you said just now that your family has being taking care of this stone, so how can I take it?”. The sage looked at Oliver with a sense of hope and made him understood that the stone family has been attacked by one of the family named as the water family. The water family wanted this stone since long because of its renowned powers. “what powers?” asked Oliver. The sage then replied “The stone possess an enormous power, who so ever grab this stone and make a wish, that wish comes true”. Hearing this Oliver was a bit scared. The sage told him that he has been chosen next to take care of this stone...

To be continued.. part 2


  1. This would be easier to read if it was broken up into paragraphs.

  2. You have such a creative mind! I'm really enjoying these stories.

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