Tuesday 11 October 2022


First part of the wishing stone is on a click away

After the humble request of the sage. Oliver felt some responsibilities  and agreed to the demand. He also had a golden chance of enhancing his collection. When the deal was being confirmed there was a man watching them. That man was an undercover spy of the water family. Oliver and the old sage had no clue that a man is keeping an eye on them. Thereafter, when he reached home he handed over the bag of fish to his mother, Ina kept the wishing stone at a undetectable corner of his collection. 

After he had his dinner, he laid on the bed and slept as fast as a lazy bear. In the middle of the night, he heard a strange noise of the window. The spy from the water family had came to Oliver’s house to stool the stone. The spy was seeking in silently but immediately, one of the alarm clocks beside Oliver’s bed started ringing. Oliver was smart enough and had already made a alarm trap for the protection of the stone and the spy ran into that trap. Oliver woke up quickly and tide the spy rope and called the sage. He then took the spy with him and thanked Oliver for this alertness. 

Two days later, when he returned home from his lessons. He saw that his mother, his father and his little brother was being hostage by five members of the water family. The leader pointed the gun towards Oliver and asked him for the stone. He tried to escape but one of the members pushed him on the ground. Now to protect himself and his family, he took the decision of giving them the stone. He then started moved towards his collection with the leader on the gun point. Oliver told leader the leader “Please give me a minute to remove the traps”. The leader agreed and lowered the gun. Oliver grabbed this opportunity and started throwing the stones he had in his collection and when he injured the leader badly, he quickly rang a call to the sage. But…….

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