Wednesday 12 October 2022



First part  part 1
Second part part 2
The sage told him that it would take him about half an hour to reach there, so Oliver started throwing the rest of the stone on other members of the water family. He somehow controlled the situation and the sage appeared with ten members of his family. Those ten members took the water family’s member down and rescued Oliver and his family. “Thank you my boy you have done a great job.” exclaimed the sage. Oliver smiled and welcomed him. 

He then asked Oliver to hand over the stone back to him as the main leader of the water family is being taken down. But this time the sage had a cunning look in his eyes. Oliver doubted him and denied to do so. The sage understood his thoughts and said “Alright! I think you have got to know my real intentions. So, let me tell you the truth. I am not a member of any stone family apart from that I am the head of the village hidden in the mountains. I had given you this stone, so that you can keep it safe for me and meanwhile I can take the water family down.” Oliver was breathless. The sage then continued “ those five members were taking that stone from you so that they can protect it from me”. 

Olive asked “why didn’t you ask for the wish before giving it to me?”. The sage started laughing like a devil. “There are certain rituals that need to be performed before asking the wish and now as I have done everything I can execute my plan of conquering this world.” the sage said. Oliver was regretting for his act but he had a flame of anger in him. He then took the stone and pretended that he is giving the stone to him but instead he garbed the stone and spelled “My wish is! All the people of the village hidden in the mountains should be vanquished and there existence should not remain any more.”. Hearing this, the sage was stun and after a few seconds all the ten members and the sage was being converted into dust. From that day there was no sign of the village hidden in the mountains.

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  1. Oh I think I might need to read part 1 to understand part 2 of the Stone and Water family saga. It sounds like a fantasy genre.