Saturday 15 October 2022


 Andrew and Ron were two friends. But one day they had a fight on a pencil in their school. The pencil was very unique and the begin arguing on who will own it. The sparks of rivalry had turned into  flames. Andrew grab the pencil with rough attitude and started walking out of the room. But Ron was burning with anger, so he quickly grab Andrew's hand and started snatching the pencil.

 They both were applying forces from respective ends and were equally determine to get the pencil. As a result the pencil broke into two pieces. The both were disappointed but the flame of rivalry was so and enraged so much that it was difficult to lower it down. After that they both let their ways in opposite directions. The next morning when Andrew woke up he saw that the broken piece of pencil had regain itself into a new pencil. 

He was so astonished and quickly ran to Ron's house. On his way he suddenly met Ron who was approaching to Andrews house with the same mindset. They both understood the matter by just looking into each others surprised eyes. The showed their pencils to each other and as expected the the pieces had grown into two new identically same pencils. Both of them had no clue, so they decided to head towards their school as they had a regular class test. Andrew got an idea of using this pencil and test it's power, he suggested this idea to Ron and the both agreed. 

The started writing the test and after a few words of writing, the previously written words started disappearing. The both were facing the same problem and thought of writing the test right from the beginning. But nothing was of use, the words kept on disappearing every time they write anything. They both were worried as if this continues they wouldn't be able to complete their test on time. Ron thought of breaking the pencil as the pencil was caster of the magic. By chance Ron's assumption hit the Bullseye. When he wrote the test with another pencil, the words didn't disappeared. As Andrew was sitting in front of him, he quickly whispered the solution of the problem in his ears and the problem was sorted. Soon they become friends again.

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