Sunday 16 October 2022


 One day in the evening, John and his friends were playing cricket on a nearby street. There was a big graveyard attached to the street. Suddenly one of Jones friend, Max hit the ball to hard that it landed straight on one of the grave in that graveyard. 

Everybody was scared as there were many rumours about it that every night the spirits appeared from their Grave and hunt for the people passing by the graveyard. Everybody started blaming Max and insisted him to get the ball. He was to scared and said,"No! No! I can't do it." He then suggested," let's go in the morning to get the ball." As the ball was of John, so in worry he interrupted Max and said," wait! I will go with you inside." Max was a bit relaxed and agreed with a trembling voice. 

They bravely enter the graveyard but the rest of the friends quickly ran on their toes. Now, John and Max were left alone. They were luckless as the ball was at the centre of the graveyard. They decided to head straight towards it without looking here and there. They were slowly walking when suddenly a sound of stem cracking came from behind. John quickly looked behind but it was just a cat who was running for her kitten. While John was looking behind Max fearfully said," John! Lo... Lo... Look forward, I think there is a sprite." Jack quickly look forward, and a man covered in shadow was approaching them. The man was coming closer and closer. Soon they both well behind.

 There eyes had popped out and what thinking about their death but the man was revealed with the beam of light coming from the street light. It was just the security guard who was just on a night shift. They both were two scared that they started crying badly. John said with a shaking voice," what are you doing here? The spirits could wake up at any moment." "Spirits... hahaha... I think you are talking about the rumours of this place."said the man. The rumours were spread among the people as they threw garbage and make the place a mess. So to protect this place a fake story was created. They both for astonished and were thinking about the foolishness they made by believing on such a fake story.

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