Monday 17 October 2022


 Once upon a planet named,"the Celestia", there was a person, Logan who govern the whole planet under his capable hands. When he was ten years old, the people considered him the trash of the society because of a black dot at the centre of his forehead. 

People look at him with the sense of exclusion but this ignorance motivated him to become the President of the planet, the person who rules the planet. At the age of 20, he fulfilled his desire of becoming the leader. One day, he was attending an important meeting with his army leader and other councillors on a serious matter of "the second great twins war". It was a war between the planet Celestia and a twin planet, " Hevendum".  Years ago, when the first war broke out, the birth of Logan took place. The point of that war was to own a child who would bring a revolution and emerge both the planets and make an Ultimate planet, " the unitopia". Celestia somehow won that previous battle and owned the child of prophecy. 

The discussion then turned towards the president of the planet Hevendum, Mander. The ruler of that planet was the student of the god of the two planets. The God was named as the Sage of the ultimate power. Logan ended the meeting by constructing a strong strategy of concurring the planet Hevendum. On the other side, Mander was full fledged ready for the war. 

The war was about to begin within two days, then the Logan got to know about the black dot on his forehead in ancient diary of his father. According to that diary, the child of prophecy is the reincarnation of the stage of the ultimate power and that black dot is the key to unleash the ultimate power.

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