Tuesday 18 October 2022


 When Logan got to know about his true power, he was determined to obey the prophecy. Soon, the war begin and the Hevendians' had attacked the planet Celestia. A week past into the war but nobody was ready to get back. 

The battle was of equal weights neither of the poles were getting down. Logan was battling at the front line with the president of the Hevenum, when suddenly Mander use the mysterious power of the ultimate sage and restricted the movements of Logan. Logan was shocked and was unable to move. Immediately a beam of light from logan's forehead injured Mandar severely. His fellow Comrades and the enemy forces stopped fighting for a second, after sensing that unusual power. 

But Mander was well verse in regeneration technique. He recovered himself from some serious wounds. Mander then took out a sword from his back and said," this sword belongs to the stage of the ultimate power and now I will kill the child of prophecy." Mander through the sword at Logan to kill him. Logan got lost after hearing those words but he didn't let his guard down inside used that black dot and released another beam of light to counter attack Mander's attack. 

Both the presidents were using the powers of the great sage, one who learn and master those techniques whereas other who was born with those powers. After a few days, there was a drastic change in the war conditions. The celestian army started to lose because of lack of soldiers. Celestia was on the verge of their defeat, but then...

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