Sunday 9 October 2022


Emma and Olivia were two childhood friends who live together. They grow up together, studied in the same school and fortunately working together in the same company. Olivia join the office first and later followed by Emma. Emma was smart enough which enhanced his carrier position by getting promotion  twice within three years but Olivia was swinging on the same post. One day, at the time of dispersal, Emma was called by the manager. She told Olivia," you go ahead, I will come by another bus." Olivia agreed and moved. When Emma returns Olivia asked," so what did manager say?" Emma replied with joy," I have been promoted as the assistant manager because the previous one had resigned." Olivia had a fake smile on her face, she told Emma as she had been promoted so she will make a special dinner for her. Emma agreed happily. When Olivia was serving the food, she intentionally left the jar of water in the kitchen and asked Emma to bring it. When Emma was going into the kitchen  Olivia suddenly grabbed her by neck. She had a sharp knife ready in her left hand. Olivia killed her best friend in jealous. Coincidentally, the main gate was open and one of Emma's office  friends Mary, arrived. She casually entered," hello Emma!" but she found Emma was lying on the floor with a bloody back. Olivia was shocked and throw the same knife on Mary in fear but she dodged it on time. Olivia tried to run away from the room but Mary caught her tightly. Mary with all her strength dialed 911 and within no time police arrived at the scene of the crime.  Mary told the police about the murder of Emma. The policeman asked Olivia about the same. She fearfully said," no! no! I haven't killed her please spare me." Marry oppose her and even told the policeman about the attack made on her by Olivia. The policemen wrapped Emma's body and took the accused, Olivia and victim Mary in police custody. Then the crime scene photographer  clicked  the body and the knife. The fingerprints of Olivia were exactly same as on the knife. She started crying badly and accepted her crime, then after, she got life time imprisonment.

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  1. Wow! This reminds me of one of those murder mystery games.

  2. WOW Olivia has problems! Great murder story.